Pensé Productions and Joe Manganiello have entered into a deal to develop Boomtahn!, a half-hour comedy series set in the world of Pittsburgh’s cutting edge robotics industry. Manganiello is attached to produce and star in the leading role.

He recently played Flash Thompson in the Spider-man trilogy and Alcide Hervieux on the HBO series True Blood. He is set to portray the super-villain Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman movie. Boomtahn will be written by Jon Beckerman  whose credits include  the Late Show with David Letterman, Ed, and Knights of Prosperity, which starred Manganiello’s wife, Sofia Vergara (Modern Family).

Story is set at Carnegie Mellon University. Pensé Productions, Jon Beckerman, and Joe Manganiello will pitch Boomtahn! to cable, and internet networks in 2017.

Colin Sander