Writing.  Development.  Production. 

Pensé Productions is an emerging micro-studio that creates and develops narrative properties in-house,  creating stories fit for big hollywood collaborations, or envisioned to be Indie breakout hits.

Pensé Productions believes that a vastly underserved market exists for film and television projects that challenge the Hollywood status quo with storylines that provide a moral to the story without moralizing. Hollywood, and increasingly Silicon Valley, control the content that shapes our culture. The political and social views held by the media and technology elite are shockingly uniform, with traditional concepts of liberty replaced by license, freedom replaced by dependency, and religious principles dismissed.

Pensé Production's leadership Scott Sander, & Arthur Hair- went to high school together before developing a digital sales platform for music and film that would change the face of how the world bought and received It's media. They traversed the Digital landscape for a decade making partnerships and changing minds about how hollywood would exist in a post-internet world.

Christian and Colin are brothers and storytellers, who after picking up cameras at a young age went on to create feature-length skate videos, host premiers, evolve from tape to digital workflows, produce commercials & documentaries- all before attending film school. Skating, Skiing, and the mountains continue to influence their vision and abilities in storytelling and production.

Today, Pensé specializes in producing feature films, television, and commercial content for a variety of friends, clients, and partners. Our commitment is to telling authentic & soulful stories for clients in a variety of fields, and developing stories and projects that promote a life-affirming existence.

Pensé Productions - Pittsburgh, PA - (412) 621 6100 -   Pensé Productions - Los Angeles, CA - (310) 306-2432