Pensé Productions in conjunction with the Acton Institute, (Poverty Inc.), is developing an independent feature film drama set in New York City.  

Jerome Doe follows the life of a child orphaned on 9/11, not by parents lost in the World Trade Center, but by a tragedy of more intimate proportions. His foster family struggles to keep and care for him while being thwarted by a faceless bureaucracy and well intentioned benefactors that do more harm than good.

Pensé Productions has engaged Endeavor content to handle sales and packaging. 

Endeavor Content’s recent film projects include Academy Award
best picture nominees: “Arrival,” “Fences,” “La La Land,” and “Manchester by the Sea.”
Endeavor Content has the ability to package, access capital, and engage its global sales
infrastructure to achieve better economics and more creative freedom for artists and creators.

Feature FIlmColin Sander