What does it look like to steal something that doesn’t exist, is completely accounted for on the public ledger, and comes with as many digital security protocols as the owner can imagine?

Pensé Productions has partnered with author, economist, and Bitcoin expert Jeffrey Tucker to develop The Hodl Up [sic], a heist film set in the world of cryptocurrency. The project is like Ocean's Eleven for the blockchain. 

"Hodl" has been a rallying cry for Bitcoin bulls since 2013 when this post went viral:



Script is being penned by RJ Daniel Hanna who is currently Directing Miss Virginia featuring Uzo Aduba from Orange is the New Black

Hanna said of the project, "We realized that if a studio can replace “Bitcoin” with “rare baseball card” or “painting”, and the script still worked, then they could just take any old heist script off the shelf, replace “gold” with “bitcoin” and they’re off to the races. Our script is different. This project is blockchain-specific. Together with Jeffrey Tucker, we will ensure the story is technically accurate, the world is authentic, and the movie is fun."

Sander has enlisted some of the most influential minds in crypto as investors, script advisors, and guest stars.  

The project is being developed as a big budget action/comedy.  It will examine the themes of what is money and what is value?
Story revolves around a mastermind and his team of hackers, social engineers, and pyromaniacs as they attempt to delay and disrupt a large crypto transaction.  The caper team deals with incompetent federal agents, crooked Russian oligarchs, Wall Street cronies, Microdosing Burners, and more as they learn how trust is simultaneously unnecessary and everything when it comes to the blockchain. 


…Yes, we blow up a Lambo in the script.

…Yes, we blow up a Lambo in the script.

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Colin Sander